Diabolical Kitten Publishing's Gallery Collection

The links on this page will lead you to photo journals of events and adventures undertaken by a number of people associated with DKP.  Photo credits, if not listed, can be assumed to belong to one of the people mentioned in that particular journal.  All copyrights are retained by the photographer and the photos are controlled on these pages by DKP, (c) 1999-2005.  Please do not transfer or reproduce without asking us (pleiades@diabolicalkitten.com)...most of the time we'll say it's alright as long as you credit the photographer.  Enjoy!

Bunny & Scot's Hell On Wheels Tour For God - a tour of Northern Kentucky and Downtown Cincinnati on the eve of the year 2000, along with commentary on the whole nightmare.

Scriptus Live's Final Show - photo journal of the final radio program commonly referred to as Scriptus Live, a show for writers and creative persons of all persuasions that ran on WAIF, 88.3 FM in Cincinnati, OH for 18 years, the final five of which were hosted by Scot Kaeff with Greg Blankenship and others.

Secret 9 Gallery - photos of the band, Secret 9, taken by Bunny (aka Juju).

Honeymoon - "M - o - o - n...that spells moon."  Pics from Tracy and Scot's honeymoon.

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